CoolIT sues Asetek over split-flow patent

June 11, 2014 | 11:28

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Sealed-loop cooling maker CoolIT has filed suit against rival Asetek, accusing the latter of infringing a patent on split-flow fluid heat exchangers and in encouraging the same infringement in its licensees.

In court papers filed at the Delaware District Court - a common location for patent-related civil cases - CoolIT's attorney Steven Caponi has claimed that Asetek's Gen. IV and Gen. V cooling head designs, which are used in the company's own products and licensed to numerous other companies for rebranding, infringing a CoolIT patent entitled 'Fluid Heat Exchanger Configured To Provide A Split Flow'. Issued only yesterday, the patent covers technology the company claims to have developed in 2007 to improve cooling performance while reducing load on the system's pump.

'This is a key patent for the company that adds significantly to our IP portfolio, claimed CoolIT chief executive and chief technical officer Geoff Lyon when the patent was officially issued yesterday. 'The invention relates to a compact method of delivering coolant through an opening over a central section of micro-channels resulting in a superior level of performance. This patent strengthens CoolIT’s position with our proprietary technology giving us a tremendous advantage in the market.'

That advantage is being pressed home immediately, with the suit accusing Asetek's designs of wilful infringement. That's no flowery hyperbole, either: if the case is found in CoolIT's favour and wilful infringement proved, the company will have the right to demand triple damages from Asetek in addition to an injunction on sales of all products found to use the patented technology.

The filing comes just shy of two years after Asetek sued CoolIT over similar claims of patent infringements. At the time of writing, Asetek had not issued a statement regarding the case.
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