Cryorig announces dual heatpipe M.2 SSD cooler

May 22, 2018 | 11:13

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Cooling specialist Cryorig has announced what it claims to be the first aftermarket cooler for M.2 solid-state drives (SSDs) featuring dual heatpipes leading to an enlarged fin stack.

While there are certainly questions to be raised about how many end users will see real-world benefit from increasingly-extreme cooling products for solid-state drives, those who feel their high-end Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) M.2 SSDs have been getting a little toasty may find a solution in Cryorig's Frostbit.

Designed to attach to the SSD itself, the Frostbit is claimed to be the first M.2 cooler built around dual heatpipes: An ultra-slim primary heatpipe with a 1mm diameter which links the SSD to the heat spreader body, and a larger 6mm diameter heatpipe linking the heat spreader to a raised fin stack - which, interestingly, can have its angle altered in order to avoid fouling a nearby CPU cooler or graphics card.

Measuring 72mm by 26.3mm and 57mm in height, the Frostbit weighs 56g including its 38-piece stack of 0.4mm-thick aluminium fins. At that, the company claims, it is capable of dealing with up to 12W of heat output - though cooling performance will depend largely on case airflow, as with any passive cooler, and the company has not shared official performance figures.

Pricing for the Frostbit has not yet been confirmed, with Cryorig to launch the product properly this June at Computex 2018. More information is available on the company's official product page.

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