Cryorig launches Origami Compatibility Tester

November 26, 2014 | 12:13

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Cooling specialist Cyrorig has announced a new string to its bow: origami, which it uses to reassure customers as to the suitability of its products for their particular use-case.

One of the biggest pitfalls in buying new cooling hardware for your PC is in making sure it fits correctly. As your cooling demands increase, the size of the device - particularly in the case of air-cooling heatsinks - becomes ever-larger, causing clearance problems in smaller cases and oft-times fouling RAM sockets. Cryorig's solution is both simple and neat: printable papercraft heatsinks which allow users to try a given product for fit without spending any cash.

Dubbed the Cryorig Origami Compatibility Tester, the technology isn't perfect. Rather than offering a full-scale reproduction of the heatsink, which would be hard to assemble, the company has instead concentrated on ensuring compatibility with a given motherboard. Accordingly, each printable template folds into a shape which provides a reflection of the base, heatpipes and the height and footprint of the fins themselves. What it does not offer is a representation of the overall height of the product - although this is usually easily checked with the aid of a ruler.

While not true origami - which requires only folding, where Cryorig demands folding, cutting and the use of sticky-tape to assemble its designs - the papercraft testing system should certainly help system builders ensure compatibility with their existing motherboard and RAM ahead of purchase.

The company has uploaded templates for its entire heatsink range, accessible from each product page.
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