EK launches Intel 750 Series SSD water block

October 12, 2015 | 12:08

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Liquid cooling specialist EK Water Blocks has announced the product for the water-cooling-enthusiast who has everything: a water block specifically designed for the Intel 750 Series solid-state drive.

The EK-FC I750 SSD, EK Water Blocks explains of its latest creation, was designed in partnership with Intel to allow enthusiasts - the target market for Intel's 750 Series SSD family - to integrate their drives into a liquid cooling loop. A full-coverage block, the design follows the overall appearance of the original passive cooler and features a shiny stainless-steel top cover adorned with the EK logo and Intel markings.

The high-flow block itself is made from nickel-plated copper with pre-installed brass stand-offs which are claimed to make installation a breeze. The design is also claimed to be friendly to those with weaker pumps, and supports connection to existing loops through a pre-installed G1/4" terminal angled at 90 degrees. For installations where the piping needs to run horizontally to the drive, a bundled straight-through terminal is also included in the box.

EK has launched the block today, which hits the market at a premium €89.95 manufacturer's recommended retail price. More information is available on the official product page.
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