EK teases first all-in-one liquid cooling design

July 27, 2015 | 13:03

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EK Water Blocks has teased its first all-in-one liquid cooling system, the Predator, unveiling the design at the Quakecon event late last week.

While EK is well-known for producing both individual liquid-cooling components and full kits, the company has previously shied away from the burgeoning all-in-one market - where pre-filled systems, either sealed-loop or drainable and upgradeable, are sold as a fit-and-go kit requiring none of the thought or effort of traditional liquid cooling - for reasons that are its own. Now, though, the company has confirmed it intends to launch its own all-in-one design: the EK Predator.

According to details released by the company at the event, the Predator will be available in 240mm and 360mm variants, featuring either two or three high-static-pressure Vardar fans. The smaller unit is designed to cool a system's CPU; the larger unit will come with quick-disconnect fittings to allow GPU coolers, available for reference-design Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon graphics cards, to be added into the loop.

While EK Water Blocks was showing the devices off at Quakecon, and posted a few teaser images to its Twitter account, the company has so far been silent on details, with specifications, pricing and availability yet to be confirmed.
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