EK Water Blocks launches MSI Z170G monoblock

September 21, 2015 | 11:44

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EK Water Blocks (EKWB) has announced the launch of its first motherboard-specific monoblock for MSI boards: the EK-FB Z170G.

Unlike a traditional CPU cooling block, which is largely motherboard-agnostic, EKWB's latest creation is specific to a single model of board: MSI's recently-launched Z170A Gaming M5. The trade-off of having to buy a new block should you upgrade your motherboard in the future is that the monoblock design of EKWB's EK-FB Z170G cools not only the CPU but also the nearby voltage regulator modules (VRMs) traditionally covered by MSI's bundled heatsink.

Developed in partnership with MSI, the monoblock is based on EKWB's existing Supremacy EVO design. The block itself covers both the LGA-1151 socket and the VRMs, flowing water over both to draw away heat. The company claims its design includes a high flow rate which makes it suitable for systems with even the weakest of liquid-cooling pumps, despite its larger size compared with a traditional CPU-only water block.

'MSI is again proving their motherboards are a great choice for gamers and overclockers, [and the] availability of EK quality liquid cooling add-ons makes them even more appealing for modders alike,' crowed said Niko Tivadar, EK's chief of research and development, of his company's latest creation. 'We [also] have another MSI monoblock coming soon, next in line is Z170A XPOWER Gaming Titanium Edition.'

The EK-FB Z170G is priced at €119.95, with more information available on the official product page.
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