Enermax unveils ELC120, ELC240 liquid coolers

October 3, 2012 | 12:02

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Enermax has announced the first products to appear in its ELC family of sealed-unit liquid cooling products: a trio of CPU coolers.

Based around a patented cold-plate design dubbed Quad Shunt Channel (QSC,) and claimed to enhance the dissipation of heat compared to rival sealed-unit liquid cooling devices, the ELC family boasts support for all the usual AMD and Intel processors. Two designs are to be available at launch, the company has announced: the ELC240, which usual a dual-120mm radiator design for high-power processors, and the ELC120 single-120mm model for systems where space is at a premium.

Fans are included with the coolers as standard, with the ELC120-TB and ELC240 packing two Twister Bearing Silence fans - side-by-side in the case of the ELC240, and push-pull in the case of the ELC120. For those after a little more bling in their rig, an ELC120-TA is also being launched with Apollish Blue fans, packing LEDs for that oh-so-special glow.

Interestingly, Enermax has fitted a three-mode control system to both fans, providing pulse width modulation (PWM) control in three settings: Silent Mode, which runs at 800-1500rpm; Performance Mode, which runs at 800-1500rpm with a lowered threshold for increasing the speed; and Overclock Mode, which runs at 800-2200rpm. The integral pump also uses ceramic bearings, designed specifically - Enermax claims - to improve stability and reduce noise.

Enermax is certainly maxing some impressive claims for its ELC families: the QSC technology is alleged to use a modified micro-fin design which eliminates the 'boundary layer' problem which restricts the coolant flow path over the CPU. As a result, Enermax claims its design results in improved coolant flow momentum and accelerated heat transfer. Better still, QSC is claimed to create a redistribution of coolant flow among the various individual micro-channels for rapid removal of heat in a CPU's 'hot-spot' - created, for example, by switching selected cores into turbo mode or by stressing integrated graphics cores.

The ELC120 models come with a two-year warranty, while the larger ELC240 comes with a five-year warranty as standard. All three models are expected to be launched early next week, priced at £69.90 for the ELC120-TB and ELC120-TA and £89.90 for the ELC240. Enermax has also promised to add a fourth model in November, the ELC125, which increases the radiator thickness to 48mm.
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