Enermax teases Liqmax II all-in-one coolers

November 24, 2014 | 11:35

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Enermax has announced the impending launch of its second-generation Liqmax all-in-one liquid cooler family, starting with two models: the Liqmax II 120S and Liqmax II 240s.

As the names of the sealed-loop liquid-cooling setups suggest, the difference between the two can be found in the size of the radiator: while the Liqmax II 120S makes do with a single-width 120mm radiator packing two fans in a push-pull configuration and a design suited to more compact cases, the Liqmax II 240S packs a dual-fan 240mm radiator for improved cooling should the buyer have the case to suit. Both include bundled 'batwing' fans which boasts Enermax's Adjustable Peak Speed technology, a patented control system which allows for three different speed ranges to be configured. Additionally, the design of the blades create a claimed 20-30 per cent more airflow at the same speed as traditional blade shapes along with improved static pressure.

Additional improvements to the new second-generation Liqmax family include high-quality rubber tubing with greater elasticity for easy installation and routing while allowing claimed zero permeability - meaning no evaporation or loss of pressure. The water-block includes Enermax's patented Shunt Channel Technology (SCT), a variant on micro-channel layout which is claimed to improve heat transfer from the copper base to the liquid. The pump's impellers have also been redesigned, with the result of increased pumping pressure without a corresponding increase in volume.

Both models of Liqmax II are compatible with the most popular CPU socket types and include a mounting system with pressure-adjusting spring screws and a bundled tube of Dow Corning TC-5121 thermal transfer grease. UK pricing has yet to be confirmed ahead of the pair's December launch.
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