Lepa launches black- and white-finish LV12 cooler in Europe

July 29, 2014 | 10:40

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Lepa has announced the launch of its LV12 CPU cooler in Europe, offering a stylish black finish that the company claims doesn't hurt the heatsink's overall performance.

The Lepa LV12 is, the company claims, the culmination of considerable research and development. The tower-style heatsink measures 138mm x 85mm by 160mm, of which 25mm of width is courtesy the bundled 120mm fan. The overall construction of the LV12 is nothing particularly innovative, using four 6mm copper heatpipes connected to an aluminium fin stack - but Lepa is claiming breakthroughs nevertheless. The fin stack includes small vents in its construction, which the company claims increases the heat transfer rate, and the cold-plate uses a direct-connection technique that places the heatpipes into direct contact with the CPU.

The bundled fan, PWM-controlled between 800 and 2,200rpm and with a peak flow of 112 cubic feet per minute, uses what the company calls a Barometric Oil-Less (BOL) bearing system, featuring self-lubricating materials designed to reduce noise while increasing lifespan. The blades are detachable for easy cleaning, while the assembly as a whole boasts a 160,000 mean time between failures (MBTF) rating.

The most eye-catching feature of the Lepa LV12, however, lies in what the company calls a Super Thermal Conductive Coating. Looking for all the world like automotive spray paint, the coating - used in place of the more traditional technique of anodising the metal - gives the entire heatsink a black or white finish that certainly stands out from the crowd. Unlike normal spray paint, however, Lepa claims its special - and, sadly, unspecified - coating doesn't result in a drop in thermal conductivity.

The LV12 is available throughout Europe now, and while UK availability and pricing have not yet been confirmed Lepa has set a European recommended retail price of €36.90 including VAT (around £29.) More details are available on the company's official website.
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