Raijintek unveils Triton all-in-one liquid cooler

September 25, 2014 | 11:48

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Raijintek has announced the launch of its first all-in-one liquid cooling system, dubbed the Raijintek Triton, with claims of class-leading performance.

While known for liquid cooling systems, the Triton marks Raijintek's first foray into the realm of all-in-one designs. A nickel-plated copper waterblock with the usual micro-channel design is combined with a low-noise pump and connected to 240mm radiator bundled with two 25mm-thick 120mm fans offering up to 100.5 cubic feet per minute of airflow at noise levels between 21.6 and 41.6dBA. The pump, meanwhile, uses a graphite pipe and ceramic axis design to push 120 litres per hour at 18dBA noise levels with a claimed 50,000 hour lifespan and a 4W power draw.

The biggest surprise of the Triton, however, is that it isn't an off-the-shelf sealed-loop design. Instead, Raijintek has opted to build a small reservoir on top of the waterblock and bundles three colours of coolant additive - red, green, and blue - to allow the user to fill the system to match an existing colour scheme, an option further enhanced by the inclusion of two integrated LEDs to ensure the glow shines through. While this gives the Triton customisation options far beyond those of most all-in-one designs, it also potentially does away with one of the biggest advantage of AIO liquid coolers: a maintenance-free factory-sealed designs that promise no leakages or require coolant top-ups.

Overclockers UK has become the first UK retailer to confirm it will be stocking the Raijintek Triton, pricing the pack - which includes the fans, radiator, all-in-one waterblock, reservoir and pump, coolant, coloured dyes, power splitters, thermal paste and mounting brackets for all common Intel and AMD socket types - at £69.95 for pre-order. More details are available on the product page.
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