Scythe unveils compact Byakko tower cooler

September 22, 2016 | 10:22

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Scythe has unveiled a new tower cooler design built for more compact cases, the Byakko, with an overall height of just 130mm and an asymmetric fin stack for improved RAM module clearance.

Scythe claims that its Byakko, named in phonetic Japanese for the White Tiger of the West in the Chinese constellations, has been built from the ground up with compatibility in mind. Despite using a 92mm Slip Stream pulse-width modulation (PWM) controlled fan, the Byakko boasts support for 'virtually every PC case' - barring ultra-compact mini-ITX and the like, of course - thanks to a peak height of 130mm and a depth of 84mm. The fin stack, meanwhile, is pushed backwards from the nickel-plated copper base using three angled 6mm heat pipes, which Scythe claims improves clearance for boards with high RAM modules without the need to raise the height of the cooler.

The paired Slip Stream 92 axial fan, meanwhile, runs at between 300 revolutions per minute (RPM) up to 2,300 RPM at maximum speed, managed via the motherboard's PWM controller. At these speeds, Scythe claims, airflow from 6.7 cubic feet per minute (CFM) to 46.55 CFM is possible at noise levels measured from 7.2 A-weighted decibels (dBA) to 28.26 dBA.

The Byakko comes with a mounting system offering support for 'all major sockets' from Intel and AMD, though there's one thing clearly absent in the list: AMD's latest AM4 socket, which is standard for all the company's processors from Bristol Ridge onwards. Also missing is Intel's LGA2011 family, though given the mid-range positioning of the heatsink itself and the high-power enthusiast parts which fit into LGA2011 sockets this is hardly a surprise.

UK pricing for the Byakko has yet to be confirmed, with Scythe setting a recommended retail price in Europe of €20.50 (around £18 excluding taxes.) More information is available on the product page.
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