Swiftech launches H240-X all-in-one cooler

October 2, 2014 | 12:46

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Cooling specialist Swiftech has announced the latest entry in its new all-in-one liquid cooling family, the H240-X, boasting a larger 280mm radiator with dual 140mm fans.

Swiftech launched its new all-in-one liquid cooling range with the H220-X back in July, ditching the traditional design of sealed-loop systems for a variant that puts the pump onto the radiator rather than the waterblock. It's unusual, but Swiftech has sound reasons for the shift: it's a design on which it holds a patent and has previously used with its MCR-X20 Drive radiator family, giving the company something its competitors - theoretically, at least - can't copy. It also came following a patent infringement claim on the company's previous H220 watercooling kit - hence the H220-X's launch.

Where the H220-X used a 240mm radiator with two 120mm fans, the new H240-X increases the size to a 280mm radiator with paired 140mm Helix fans. Other than the size, the design is largely unchanged: a 6W MCP30 pump is fitted within the radiator housing, alongside a backlit windowed reservoir decorated with the Swiftech logo. A bundled Apogee XL waterblock is pre-fitted to the system, which is factory-filled for plug and play installation. Unlike rival sealed-loop all-in-one designs, however, the HX240-X can be upgraded, with Swiftech claiming the pump has the power to support graphics card loops and additional radiators as well as the CPU loop with which it is supplied.

The larger radiator and bigger fans have a direct impact on performance, with Swiftech's internal testing showing a noticeable improvement in both CPU temperature and noise levels over the H220-X. The kit is available to purchase from Swiftech US now priced at $149.95 (around £93 excluding taxes,) with UK pricing and availability yet to be confirmed. More details are available on the official product page.
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