Swiftech launches the Maelstrom reservoir

August 6, 2012 | 11:07

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Swiftech has taken the wraps off its latest watercooling device, a 5.25-inch dual-bay reservoir designed for use as either a standalone reservoir or in conjunction with one or two Swiftech MCP35X integrated pumps.

Built around a form factor which used to be known as full-height 5¼", the Swiftech Maelstrom includes a LCD coolant temperature readout, graduated level, anti-vortex design, multiple inlet ports, an oversized fill port and - for those who opt for more esoteric coolants - an integral ultra-violet LED.

The front of the Maelstrom is constructed from anodised aluminium - and for those with cases of different colours, we're afraid that you can have any colour so long as it's black - with a window for easy viewing of coolant levels. The reservoir itself is constructed of clear acetal plastic, the brackets from nickle plated steel, the fill cap from chrome plated brass, the fittings from electrophoresis black painted brass, and the pump inlet from black polyoxymethylene (POM.) The device's weight without pumps is given at 453g, and it is claimed to be able to hold 234ml of coolant.

'When integrated with a single or dual MCP35X pump, the Maelstrom combines stunning looks with extreme performance features,' claimed Gabriel Rouchon, Swiftech chief executive, at the product's launch. 'In this respect, I am equally proud of the fact that Swiftech is now the only company in the world to offer an integrated pump with each major component of a liquid cooling system: with a radiator in the MCR-Drive series, with a CPU waterblock in the Apogee Drive II, and now – at last - with a 5.25-inch bay reservoir: the Maelstrom.

'This unique ability will soon allow us to release new generations of complete liquid cooling kits catering to just about any user preference or case setup,' Rouchon added. 'Clearly, users and system builders now have more choices than ever before to configure their liquid cooling systems, and this is great news for the industry.'

Swiftech has confirmed that it plans to launch five distinct versions of the Maelstrom: a basic standalone model; a version with a pre-installed housing for a MCP35X pump, for upgraders who already have a suitable pump; a version with a housing for two MCP35X pumps; a version with a single PWM-controlled MCP35X pump pre-installed; and a version with dual PWM-controlled MCP35X pumps fitted.

UK pricing for the Maelstrom has yet to be confirmed, with Swiftech setting US pricing between $89.95 for the pumpless version to $279.95 for the dual-pump model (around £58 and £179 excluding taxes respectively.)
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