AMD launches mobile Carrizo APUs

June 3, 2015 | 11:08

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AMD has formally launched its latest A-Series accelerated processing units (APUs), formerly known as Carrizo, promising improved performance at a lower power draw for laptops and all-in-one systems.

The company's sixth generation of its APU design, AMD's Carrizo family uses a system-on-chip (SoC) design which includes numerous extra features over previous generations: the first High-Efficiency Video Codec (HVEC) hardware decode engine for laptops, the first high-performance x86 chip to include ARM's TrustZone security sub-system, and the first chip design to comply with AMD's Heterogeneous Systems Architecture (HSA) 1.0 requirements. The latter, AMD claims, makes full use of the twelve 'Compute Cores' - four Excavator CPU cores and eight Radeon Graphics Core Next (GCN) GPU cores - to boost overall performance while also boasting DirectX 12 support and Windows 10 certification.

'The notebook remains the ideal, versatile, connected hub in people's lives - the one device that does it all and does it well, and today's consumer shouldn't have to pay a premium to enjoy high quality streaming video, superior online gaming, and powerful content management as mainstays of today's computing experience,' claimed AMD's Matt Skynner at the announcement. 'That changes today with the 6th Generation AMD A-Series Processor, designed to deliver exceptional experiences never before seen in a mainstream notebook, truly making innovation available to everyone. Our partners have plans to introduce our 6th-generation APU in many of today's most innovative notebook platforms, demonstrating the full potential of the APU's capabilities.'

Energy efficiency gains in the new design are claimed to double the video playback or gaming time per battery charge than AMD's fifth-generation APUs, while also providing full support for FreeSync variable refresh-rate technology. The GPU portions are claimed to be Vulkan and DirectX 12 compatible, support the Mantle API, and include AMD's Gesture Control technology on compatible devices.

The first products based around the Carrizo mobile APUs are due to launch this month, AMD has claimed, with pricing yet to be provided.
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