AMD launches Piledriver-based Opteron 6300 chips

November 5, 2012 | 11:40

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AMD has officially launched its Interlagos follow-up in the form of the 16-core Opteron 6300 Abu Dhabi family.

The Piledriver-based many-core Opteron chips, aimed at workload-heavy data centre users, boast speed improvements on the order of 40 per cent compared to the Opteron 6200 Interlagos family. Sadly for those who are salivating at the thought, the performance increase is extremely workload dependent: while 40 per cent can be achieved for what AMD describes as 'enterprise application' workloads, for other tasks the boost may be as low as single-digit percentages.

The new AMD Opteron 6300 family includes models with four, eight, 12 or 16 processor cores with speeds ranging from 1.8GHz in the 16-core 6366HE - boosting to 3.1GHz using Turbo Core - to 3.5GHz in the Turbo Core-free quad-core 6308. The most powerful chip in the family, the Opteron 6386SE, boasts sixteen 2.8GHz processor cores with 3.5GHz clock speed under Turbo Core conditions, but packs a massive 140W thermal design profile (TDP). The remainder of the chips, by contrast, sit at 115W TDP with the exception of the low-power 6366HE at 85W - a good figure for a 16-core processor.

Each chip includes the latest revision of AMD Virtualisation (AMD-V) technology for improved performance as a virtual machine host, along with AMD-P power management and support for ultra-low voltage 1.25V memory. Each can also support up to 12 DIMMS per CPU for a maximum of 384GB of memory per socket.

The chips will be appearing in dual- and quad-socket workstations from the usual vendors, with official wholesale pricing ranging from $501 for the quad-core 3.5GHz Opteron 6308 to $1,392 for the range-topping 16-core 2.8GHz 6386SE. AMD has also promised to extend its Piledriver cores down to lower-end Opteron parts, stating that it will be launching Opteron 4300 Seoul and Opteron 3300 Delhi parts in December.
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