Lynnfield overclocks to 5GHz

Written by Tim Smalley

June 3, 2009 | 11:26

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COMPUTEX 2009: Several sources at Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers have said that Lynnfield is going to be a dream to overclock with early samples hitting 5GHz... on air cooling.

Intel has remained mum on Lynnfield’s details, but its partners are very keen to talk about it. The Turbo mode, which dynamically adjusts the CPU frequency to deliver the maximum performance for the given thermal design power, will “add something north of 500MHz” to the CPU’s default clock speed in single threaded applications said an Intel spokesperson.

Our sources indicated that you are, in fact, likely to see an extra 600MHz for free in single threaded apps. This means the rumoured high-end 3.2GHz Lynnfield chip will hum along at 3.8GHz in some workloads, which is much more than the current Core i7 processors, which get an extra 200MHz or so for free when there’s power to spare.

This obviously means great things for overclocking and contrary to other reports we’ve read on the ‘net, it looks like Lynnfield is going to hit those 1GHz+ overclocks we’ve seen on the current Core i7 chips because 5GHz is “easily achievable,” said one source. Another said that they’d hit 5GHz “with very little effort,” which could make for some exciting times if you’re a cost-conscious enthusiast.

Obviously, we’ll reserve our final judgement until we’ve looked at how retail CPUs are overclocking, but these early whispers are looking promising.

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