EVGA's X58 should give Asus some stress

November 20, 2008 | 13:43

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Pictures of EVGA's latest X58 motherboard BIOS have been revealed on XtremeSystems and show some very nifty extreme overclocking features.

The BIOS options of interest are the "Extreme OC" option that can be set if you're booting below minus 50'C, which will supposedly help prevent cold bugging, as well as specific vDroop control and even things like PWM frequency adjustment that can provide a better power response. This will come at the cost of more heat and stress for the MOSFETs.

That said, EVGA's warranty and support is generally regarded as excellent, especially in the States, but we wonder what the limits are of an acceptable state EVGA will accept boards in after extreme OC attempts.

EVGA's ex-EpoX team has Singaporean overclocking guru Shamino, who used to work for Foxconn's Quantum Force department, helping navigate the team into a new direction and combined they could give Asus' Rampage II Extreme a run for its money. Depending where you shop we've found that on average the EVGA cost less, but is bundled with less bling and fewer features compared to Asus' top RoG board, so it remains to be seen which fanboy following wins sales from wannabe Extreme tweakers.

We've no idea about Foxconn's Renaissance efforts yet - but given previous Foxconn launches, we'll be surprised whether it actually makes it to market before any time soon. What's more, with Gigabyte and DFI also strong contenders in this round of new hardware, it should make for at least a five way extreme-OC shoot-out. All we need now is a world-OC event for everyone, instead of just a marketing event for just one company at a time.

Who do you fancy will make the "best" board for the latest i7? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.

EVGA's X58 should give Asus some stress EVGA's X58 should give Asus considerable stress EVGA's X58 should give Asus some stress EVGA's X58 should give Asus considerable stress

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