EVGA unveils Pro SLI Bridge v2 family

April 10, 2015 | 12:51

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EVGA has announced the impending launch of its second-generation Pro SLI Bridge add-ons for Nvidia GeForce graphics cards, boasting of a high pixel-clock frequency design and improved aluminium shroud.

Designed for those who want something a little special tying together their multi-graphics-card rig, the original Pro SLI Bridges were well-received by the company's customers. The new EVGA Pro SLI Bridge v2 family, the company has promised, take the concept and run with it: the design has been tweaked for high pixel-clock cards, promising support for resolutions of 4K and upwards and refresh rates of 120Hz and more without signal degradation, while the aluminium shroud has been designed to minimise interference - and, as the company modestly puts it in its promotional material, 'looks super awesome.'

The EVGA Pro SLI Bridge v2 family comprises four models: a short two-way bridge for dual-card setups in adjacent slots; a long two-way bridge for dual-card setups in alternate slots; a three-way bridge; and a four-way bridge. All feature silver aluminium shrouding and a light-up EVGA logo, although this will only illuminate on selected models of graphics card: all EVGA GTX Titan, GTX 980, GTX 960, GTX 780 and 780 Ti cards support the LEDs, but only selected EVGA GTX 970 and 770 cards will provide the required power on the SLI connector.

Although there are possible benefits to using the EVGA Pro SLI Bridges with high-end cards, the company is at least honest about the main reason someone may want to make a purchase: it has, in its own words, 'amped up the bling.'

Pricing for the EVGA Pro SLI Bridge v2 family has yet to be confirmed, with more information available on the official website.
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