Rumour: Nvidia Fermi for laptops available July

May 5, 2010 | 14:41

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According to our sources here in Taipei, Nvidia is planning on launching its new range of mobile GPUs, based on its new Fermi GPU, at the start of June. Several partners are slated to be showing off laptops featuring both Fermi-derived GPUs and the firm's Optimus tech at the Computex trade show.

While the launch of the upcoming GTX 480M 2GB was recently rumoured by an online retailer, our sources tell us that GT430 1GB and GT450 parts will also be available for pairing with the Intel HM55 chipset and Intel Arrandale mobile CPUs.

Shipping won't commence until July or maybe even August though, depending on the part, manufacturer and Nvidia's supply.

Interestingly, it seems the much older, G92b-based GTX285M and other mobile parts aren't being phased out and will continue to see strong support. We inquired why more manufacturers haven't changed to ATI, given that it's been first with mobile DirectX 11 GPUs, but were told that the strength of Nvidia's Optimus technology and pricing made its chips more attractive.

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