Intel talks about Intel in China

April 17, 2007 | 06:21

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IDF SPRING 2007 It's Day One of IDF and this morning, Justin Rattner and Pat Gelsinger gave their keynotes. Both keynotes discussed what is happening at Intel and the future directions the company was taking. With this being the first major IDF outside of the US, the keynotes were focused heavily on the new host country.

Inevitably the discussion was largely about Intel's integration into China with the announcement of details of Fab 68 being made in the South Eastern City of Dalin.

Intel is has invested $3.8bn in China in the last 20 years, with $2.5bn alone being directly invested in Fab 68. Usually Fabs are named in low numbers, but this was named 68 in respect for its Chinese rooting: six being smooth sailing and eight being for prosperity. Fab 68 will be another 300mm wafer facility with a 1.7 million square feet footprint.

Intel highlighted how it was dedicated to future research and development in China, working largely with the education system and Universities in several cases.

Could we be seeing future product names deriving from a Chinese background instead of Israeli? Who knows, but it seems the emerging market of more than one billion is certainly where the money will be in the future. Like so many large companies now, Intel intends to continue to cash in on it.

Finally, here are some pictures from this morning:

Firstly the stage is pretty big and is covered with systems demonstrating Intel's technologies.

We also found a couple of mods -- it's great to see the modding community represented at events like this! However, Intel is planning a more substantial event in Beijing for the modders soon. This should provide a more wide ranging and more exquisite selection of work.

We were treated to the delicate movements of these fine ladies during the interim between keynotes. As beautiful as they are, I wouldn't get too close because those fingers could inflict some serious injury!

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