Intel Apple boxes to arrive on June 6, possibly

Written by Wil Harris

December 7, 2005 | 10:38

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Sources are suggesting that the first Apple Intel Macs will be available in June, with a preview of the first products to take place at MacWorld in January.

Digitimes says that the Intel processors are going to go into low-end systems first, with the Mac Mini and the iBook quite possibly the first to benefit.

There is growing speculation that a new Mac Mini will be introduced at MacWorld, and will be designed to enhance the living room. It will possibly feature Robson technology, as we have previously reported.

" Apple is expected to unveil its new Macintosh PCs with the ‘Intel Inside’ logo on January 9 of next year, when Macworld 2006 takes place in San Francisco from January 9 to 13, sources at domestic PC makers indicated.

A November 30 Reuters report cited Citigroup analyst Richard Gardner as saying that Apple may launch its first Intel-based PowerBook as early as January."

We can't wait. Intel is going to have cool stuff to show at CES, and Apple is showing cool stuff just days later. Could the two be interconnected? We wonder...

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