Apple brings multitouch to early Airs

March 10, 2009 | 10:15

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If you're a Mac fan who plumped up the readies for an original-model MacBook Air only to find you'd been diddled out of the neat four-finger multitouch tracking of later models, there's good news: Apple's next incarnation of Mac OS will bring you all that you desire.

According to MacRumours, the latest developer versions of Mac OS X Snow Leopard introduce full support for four-finger multitouch for the original MacBook Air model plus some MacBook Pros sold in early 2008.

Both the MacBook Air and the 2008 models of MacBook Pro have always had the support for multitouch tracking built in to the hardware, but as the technology had not yet been finalised by the time the products were launched Apple chose not to enable the functionality in the software. This is set to change with the next release of Mac OS, however, which brings full multitouch functionality to both systems.

With the innovative multitouch system finally added to the premium-priced MacBook Air, there's at least one thing less for early adopters to feel bitter about. Indeed, with other problems including overheating and unstable WiFi connections largely licked, it appears that MacBook Air owners could finally be getting the system they thought they'd purchased.

Sadly, the move does nothing to help third parties who wish to implement their own multitouch interface: with no-one yet seeking to challenge Apple's patent on the technology, official multitouch support on the Android platform might be a while away yet.

Any MacBook Air users glad to hear that early adopters are finally being looked after by Apple, or is the technology nothing more than a neat distraction in the first place? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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