MSI N260GTX GPU detailed

March 6, 2009 | 12:48

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CeBIT 09: In somewhat of a confusing name reshuffle, the MSI N260GTX (not NGTX260) has launched at CeBIT featuring a custom PCB with 8+2 phase power on a custom PCB with its own dual fan cooling solution.

In addition to this, the fans light up revealing the temperature (it doesn't clarify beyond that) and fan speeds in realtime, and there's also a motion sensitive front panel display for good measure.

MSI claim the components used in the ten phase power are of military grade and are particularly durable and that the dual fan arrangement should go some way to making it quieter.

Strangely, the board features DVI, HDMI and VGA. While three output options are always good we've got to ask why they've elected to include VGA. We're also confused by the lit-up fans, which will naturally face downwards and therefore be out of sight.

The new Airforce 5.25" bay product looks particularly good though, if front panel displays are your kind of thing. There are profiles around the side for "Game" "Office" "Theatre" "Power Saving", "Lightning" and "Default/Reset". It's all connected up via a mini-USB - but the samples on show are pre-production (empty boxes...I tried to take one apart) so, as always, features could change.

It's good to see MSI leveraging its design advantages over the usual "pre-oc" or "watercooled" premium graphics products with innovative ideas, although we do wonder how much this all costs and whether it's just worth buying a GTX280/285 or HD 4870 X2 instead if you want more power for your games.

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MSI N260GTX GPU detailed CeBIT 09: MSI N260GTX Lightening Graphics Details

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