HP to add FreeSync support to its AMD-powered laptops

February 12, 2016 | 11:53

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HP has confirmed that it will be adding support for AMD's FreeSync variable-refresh technology to its entire A-Series consumer laptop family by the second half of this year.

Originally developed by AMD and donated to the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) for integration into the DisplayPort standard, FreeSync acts as an equivalent to Nvidia's rival G-Sync technology: both seek to dynamically adjust the refresh rate of a connected display to that of the source material, whether that's a game running at 60 frames per second or a 24FPS film. For laptops, there are two primary advantages: the first is that it works to minimise screen tear and the juddering that you get when your framerate drops momentarily; the second is that the display can draw less power when showing slow-moving or static content.

Those are convincing enough reasons for Hewlett Packard to announce that it is adding FreeSync support to its entire range of AMD A-Series APU powered laptops, with a view to covering all models by the second half of the year. The first devices to support the technology will be in the company's Envy 15z family, launching in the next few months, followed by the remainder of the company's consumer-targeted laptops. Naturally, only devices with AMD chips will qualify; although AMD has made FreeSync an open standard, it remains the only manufacturer at present to support it.

For professional users, the same functionality is expected to be available in the company's upcoming ProBook 645 and ProBook 655 A-Series APU powered laptops. 'AMD and HP continue to innovate in both commercial and consumer computing with the ongoing adoption of the latest generation of AMD processors,' claimed HP's Steve Sinclair of the partnership. 'Businesses can confidently deploy AMD-powered HP notebooks, which combine support for legacy features that provide long-term stability with modern security for today's business world. Consumers can also reap the benefits of this innovation with notebooks that provide the features – like long battery life and responsive graphics – that they are looking for.'
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