Memory maker Adata Technology has announced a renewed focus on the high-end enthusiast market, launching an internal unit dubbed the XPG Overclocking Lab, or XOCL, at its New Taipei headquarters.

That Adata would like high-end system builders to pick up its dynamic RAM (DRAM) and non-volatile memory products is no secret: In 2000 the company founded its Xtreme Performance Gear (XPG) sub-brand, creating high-performance SSDs, DRAM modules, and associated accessories with its eye firmly on the higher end of the gaming market.

Now, though, the company's efforts in this area have been redoubled with the founding of what it claims is the first dedicated overclocking facility at any DRAM manufacturer: The XPG Overclocking Lab, or XOCL.

'With growing demand for memory modules that can operate at ever-higher frequencies, Adata believes the future of overclocking lies beyond the established techniques of air and liquid cooling,' claim product development director Neo Yin and research and development director Stin Liao of their company's latest launch in a joint statement on the matter. 'The mission of the XPG Overclocking Lab is to explore new, potentially more effective methods that can break the threshold of memory speeds and incorporate them into XPG products for the benefit of users.'

The company has confirmed that it will 'actively seek out partnerships within the industry' both with overclockers and other hardware manufacturers, echoing a partnership with MSI from earlier in the year which saw Adata XPG Spectrix D80 RGB DDR4 modules overclocked to 5,531MHz using liquid nitrogen cooling.

XOCL will, Adata has claimed, 'focus on experimenting with new techniques and methods,' but beyond liquid nitrogen the company has not revealed what those might be.

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