Adata unveils 'hybrid liquid-air' DDR4 modules

April 26, 2018 | 10:38

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Memory specialist Adata has announced what it claims to be the world's first DDR4 memory modules to include both RGB LED lighting and a hybrid liquid-air cooling system: The XPG Spectrix D80 range.

Designed with a firm focus on the gaming and enthusiast markets, Adata's new Spectrix D80 DDR4 memory modules include what the company describes as a 'hybrid liquid-air cooling system' - but anyone hoping to attach the modules to their custom loop will be disappointed to hear the company is referring to a phase-change vapour chamber system. The top edge of each module's heatsink, the company explains, features a 'liquid heatsink' which is filled with an unspecified non-conductive fluid featuring a low boiling point. As the memory modules increase in temperature, the liquid boils and pulls away the heat only to condense again as the heat is pulled away by case fans. Naturally, this is combined with the usual aluminium heat spreaders to both sides of the modules.

While the actual cooling effects of the small liquid chamber have not been publicly measured by the company, there's no denying it's an eye-catching design. To further grab attention, the company has paired the modules with a transparent housing which leaves the cooling liquid on full display and RGB lighting, which can be controlled using the company's custom RGB Sync software or tethered to a motherboard's RGB lighting system for centralised control.

Adata has confirmed that the Spectrix D80 range, which was first demonstrated at CES earlier this year in prototype form, will launch in 2,666MHz to 5,000MHz flavours with support for Intel Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) 2.0. Support for Intel's X299 and AMD's AM4 platforms is included as standard, naturally.

Pricing for the modules has not yet been confirmed.

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