55% off MSI P55 boards tomorrow at 2pm!

September 7, 2009 | 10:01

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MSI has a ludicrous launch offer for tomorrow (Tuesday the 8th September), with 55 per cent off the price of its premium Intel P55 motherboards. It's first come, first serve on a single batch though, so get in quick if you're after one.

Get your fingers on F5 from 2pm (14:00 BST) and is limited to one board per customer from Ebuyer, Scan, CCL Computers and Overclockers.

Boards on offer include:
    MSI P55-GD80
    MSRP: £189 inc vat
    Promotional Price: £85.50 inc vat

    MSI P55-GD65
    MSRP: £139 inc vat
    Promotional Price: £63.00 inc vat


We'd highly suggest logging in, getting the credit card out and stopping those torrents beforehand to maximise your chances, because there's already a few of us here in the office planning on some home upgrades! The prices will be uniform across the retailers listed so you don't have to shop around - just go to the place you prefer to buy from.

We've not yet spent much time with the GD80, however we've fully tested the GD65 and with the latest BIOS, for £140 it's a very tempting board, however for £63 it's an offer you really shouldn't pass up!

Let us know if you're planning on going for Core i5 tomorrow or if even this offer isn't enough to tempt you into opening your wallet.
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