Devolo announces IEEE 1901 range

December 2, 2010 | 16:53

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Powerline networking expert Devolo has confirmed that it will be launching a range of products that take advantage of the new IEEE 1901 specification to offer speeds of up to 500Mb/s over standard electrical wiring.

The IEEE 1901 standard looks set to become the new big thing in powerline networking, with HomePlug having already confirmed support in the new AV2 standard - a pledge which is now joined by Devolo's support for the upgraded standard.

Using techniques originally developed to improve wireless networking efficiency, including multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technologies, IEEE 1901 promises to boost speeds up to 500Mb/s - with gigabit-class performance promised in future revisions.

Although it wasn't thought that products supporting IEEE 1901 and its offshoots would be appearing on the market until towards the middle of next year, Devolo's announcement of its upcoming dLAN 500 range suggests that we could be seeing compatible products sooner, rather than later.

Peter Huddleston, Devolo's UK operations manager, explained that his company 'not only actively collaborated on the new standard, but also ensured that new IEEE 1901 compliant products will be compatible with the current dLAN 200 AV series,' meaning that those who already have older Devolo powerline Ethernet adapters around the house will be able to upgrade their infrastructure piecemeal without losing the ability to use their existing devices.

Sadly, the company has yet to announce a firm date or pricing for the dLAN 500 range.

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