HomePlug announces AV2 standard

October 18, 2010 | 14:23

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Powerline networking specialist HomePlug has announced the AV2 specification, which integrates the IEEE 1901 standard to speed up data transmission.

The company has promised support for the standard for some time, but the latest announcement follows formal ratification of the IEEE 1901 standard, promising gigabit-class Ethernet networking over mains wiring.

Using the same MIMO, or multi-input multiple-output, technology as 802.11n Wi-Fi, the new HomePlug AV2 standard increases performance at the application layer by up to five times over the company's existing standards, enabling several simultaneous high-definition video streams.

Improvements in range have also made it into the new AV2 standard, with additional nodes in the network being used as repeaters to allow the signal to extend to all parts of a house.

The HomePlug Technical Working Group has confirmed that HomePlug AV2 products will be compatible with older HomePlug standards, albeit at reduced performance, and with third-party products based around the IEEE 1901 standard.

Rob Ranck, president of the HomePlug Alliance, stated of the new standard: 'AV2 provides an aggressive migration path to support greater network capacity and distribution of ultra-high quality content throughout the home.'

Sadly, full performance statistics will have to wait for a manufacturer to implement the standard, with products not expected to appear before the first half of next year.

Are you impressed with the performance claims HomePlug is making, or are you going to wait to see how much faster the devices are in the wild before making your mind up? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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