Fujitsu launches hands-on custom PC building service

July 5, 2012 | 10:42

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Fujitsu has announced the launch of the Hands-On Custom PC Assembly Service, designed provide customers with the fundamental knowledge required to build their own customised computer.

Extending the PC assembly workshops the company has been running in the Fukushima and Shimane prefectures since 2004, the new service will see components and engineer support provided to customers at more than 100 'PC instruction schools' across Japan. The aim, Fujitsi claims, is to provide a platform for customers - of all ages, and regardless of technical skill level - to learn about PC hardware and assemble their very own custom creation.

Under the Fujitsu Open Classroom College flag, the programme will provide engineers and technical staff to provide attendees with hands-on experience of PC building, with topics ranging from proper precautionary measures including the use of anti-static mats and wristbands to actually assembling a system from a 15-package bundle of components which can be tailored to those lacking in technical capability by pre-assembling some of the parts in advance.

Attendees will be given an assembly kit comprised of a dedicated parts box, a case with motherboard pre-installed, and the 15 individual component units including a cooler, RAM and hard disk. During the course, Fujitsu claims attendees will be given instruction on the functions of individual components and learn the internal construction of a PC - helping them diagnose future issues with the systems, or carry out their own upgrades in future.

The service is available on 19 machines in four different series, including - impressively - the LifeBook AH family of large-screen laptops, the all-in-one Esprimo FH family, and the Esprimo DH and Raku-Raku desktop machines. The provided CPU, RAM and hard disk can be customised at the time of purchase. Additionally, those opting for the self-assembly service will be given a personally-engraved mouse.

The self-assembly service is due to launch in Japan in August, in partnership with instruction college Aviva and travel agency T-Gate. Pricing has yet to be confirmed but will, naturally, be higher than buying the system pre-assembled. Thus far, Fujitsu hasn't indicated any plans to bring the facility to other nations.
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