Valve pushes HTC Vive launch to 2016

August 28, 2015 | 12:13

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Valve has warned that the Vive virtual reality headset, created in partnership with HTC, will receive only a limited launch this year with the full release to be pushed back to 2016.

Unveiled in March this year, the HTC Vive is designed to go head-to-head with the Oculus Rift and has been chosen as the official headset for Valve's virtual reality platform. This is made more than obvious by the inclusion of what the company calls the Steam VR base station, a box which ties in to the company's VR software and allows the user to be tracked within a 15 square foot area - a step up from the usual head-only tracking of rival headsets.

Sadly, the two companies have hit a hiccough in commercialising their creation. The device was originally slated for a full commercial release this year, but an announcement from Valve this week confirms that proper commercial availability has been pushed back to 2016. While some units will ship this year, they will be limited in quantity.

'Later this year, HTC will offer the first commercial Vive units via a limited quantity of community and developer systems,' Valve's statement to press explained, 'with larger quantities shipping in calendar Q1 2016.' No firm figure for the quantities released have been provided, and neither has either company offered a firm date for the limited or full launches.
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