PogoPlug launches Pro model

October 12, 2010 | 15:52

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PogoPlug has released an update for its innovative, eponymous device which aims to get your external storage hooked up to the Web - the PogoPlug Pro.

Building on the original PogoPlug, the new Pro edition does everything its predecessor does and more, except in a far more staid black casing that should find a few more fans than the original vibrant pink version.

For those not familiar with the PogoPlug family, it's a device that allows you to connect an external storage device via USB 2.0 and gain access to it over the network as a shared drive or via the Internet thanks to an integrated web server.

As well as the gigabit Ethernet connection, the PogoPlug Pro brings something new to the table: integrated 802.11b/g/n wireless connectivity, making it easier to hide your external drive somewhere out of the way - at the possible expense of throughput on your local network.

As well as support for most browsers, PogoPlug has made apps available for the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm, and even a shiny new iPad version, to make grabbing your files on the go significantly easier.

With the PogoPlug Pro being a pre-built 'black box' device - quite literally - it doesn't have the power and flexibility of a 'plugtop' computer like Marvell's SheevaPlug, but for a single-purpose gadget it's pretty neat.

UK pricing for the PogoPlug Pro hasn't been confirmed, but the company is currently selling them in the US via Best Buy for $99, which could translate to around £62 when it hits our shores.

Do you think that the PogoPlug Pro looks like a good choice for rolling your own Internet-connected storage, or would people be better off investing in a proper NAS - or even building their own with something like FreeNAS? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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