Enermax announces Platimax DF PSU range

September 18, 2017 | 10:42

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Enermax has announced the launch of a new family of power supplies, including what it claims to be 'the world's most compact 1,200W PSU:' the Platimax DF 1200W.

The headliner in a range that includes 750W, 850W, and 1,050W models, the Platimax DF (styled as D.F.) 1200W - like its stablemates - is 80 Plus Platinum certified, but it's the overall size Enermax is highlighting: At 160mm the PSU shaves at least 20mm off the depth of most >1,000W ATX-style power supply units, which the company quite rightly points out leads to increased compatibility with smaller or more cramped cases - providing, that is, you can fit whatever components caused you to pick a 1.2kW power supply in the first place within its confines.

Every model in the new Platimax DF range includes a 'DF Switch', Enermax's name for a toggle which triggers 'Dust Free Rotation (DFR) Tech'. As the name suggests DFR Tech is designed to reduce dust buildup both on the blades of the fans and the power supplies' internal components, and it does so in a simple but effective manner: Enabling the DF Switch sends the fans into reverse overdrive, vastly increasing the airflow and forcibly blowing dust out of the case. While Enermax's DFR Tech has been available since April 2016, when it debuted in the DF Pressure case fan range, the Platimax range varies its functionality: Where the DF Pressure fans run in DFR mode for ten seconds on power-on, the Platimax fans can have DFR triggered at any time using the DF Switch - meaning you don't have to power your system off and back on again to clear out the muck.

Other features of the Platimax family, Enermax has detailed, include fully modular, individually sleeved cables and a fanless mode which kicks in when the load is below 30-40 percent depending on model. The company is also making much of its first ten-year warranty but with a major catch: Only buyers in the US and Canada will benefit from the extended warranty, with the rest of the world making do with the company's traditional five-year warranty instead.

UK pricing and availability for the new Platimax DF family has yet to be confirmed, with Enermax setting a $269.99 US recommended retail price (around £199.41 excluding taxes) for the 1,200W model. More information is available on the official product page.

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