Corsair launches iCUE unified control software

March 28, 2018 | 10:44

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Corsair has announced the launch, in beta form, of iCUE, the company's unified software interface designed to control everything from the lighting on its gaming keyboards through to the fans in its cases.

Designed, the company claims, to replace its existing disparate monitoring and control software, iCUE aims to be a one-stop shop - providing, of course, that you're brand-loyal to Corsair in your next build. A single centralised dashboard allows for the monitoring of system components including fan speed, pump speed, and temperature, with one-click adjustments to the former two settings. The same dashboard then provides synchronised control over RGB lighting, including the ability to set custom profiles which take into account all compatible devices connected to the system - including, naturally, keyboards, mice, headsets, the increasingly common RGB-enabled mouse mat, cooling devices, DDR4 memory modules, and case lighting.

The company is making much of iCUE's extensibility, too, boasting of a partnership with Ubisoft to offer in-game control of connected device lighting across 30 scenarios in its freshly-launched first-person shooter Far Cry 5 - which, Corsair boasts, will be bundled for free when buying more than $150 of RGB-enabled hardware from its official web shop. In this it's similar to Razer's Chroma platform, which likewise offers the ability to tie lighting to in-game events - making the keyboard pulse red, for example, when you're low on health, or flash a particular key when a cooldown is complete.

The software isn't quite ready for general consumption, however, with Corsair making it available in beta form - or, as it would have it, 'early access'. Interested parties with one or more compatible Corsair device in their system can pick it up from the official website now.

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