Facebook changes privacy settings

Written by Joe Martin

August 24, 2011 | 12:07

Companies: #facebook

Facebook has just announced a large number of changes to the way that users can display content online.

Responding to criticisms that the existing privacy options were concealed within the existing settings page, Facebook has completely changed the way users specify who can see specific content.

Changes include the option to remove tags of yourself in photos and to preview your profile as a friend would see it. Importantly, users now have the option to confirm or deny their identity whenever they are tagged in new photos or videos.

In an interview with the BBC, Facebook's Chris Cox didnt agree that the old settings were hidden away, however.

I don’t think the old controls were bad,'' he said. 'I just think that the new ones are much better. The goal is just to make the settings more inline and more immediate, just there in the profile.'

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