Futuremark launches PCMark 10 Professional Edition

June 6, 2017 | 10:55

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Futuremark, the company formerly known as MadOnion.com, has announced the immediate availability of its latest PCMark 10 benchmark suite in 'Professional Edition' form, with the free PCMark 10 Basic Edition and lower-cost PCmark 10 Advanced Edition to launch on June 22nd.

The follow-up to PCMark 8 - picked by the European Commission as the go-to benchmark for all governmental PC purchases - PCMark 10 brings a range of claimed improvements beginning with performance enhancements: The main PCMark 10 benchmark runs in less than half the time of the equivalent PCMark 8 test, Futuremark claims, and without sacrificing the quality of the benchmark result. Additionally, the 'Accelerated' and 'Conventional' benchmarking modes of PCMark 8 have been retired in favour of a single, fast benchmarking mode.

Other improvements in PCMark 10 include new and updated workloads designed to better reflect the realities of machine use in the Windows 10 era and multiple reporting levels which split results into a high-level benchmarks core, mid-level test group scores, and low-level workloads scores, any one of which can be compared side-by-side within the benchmark software itself.

Today's release is specifically for PCMark 10 Professional Edition, which is licensed for business and commercial use. At $1,495 a year (around £1,158 excluding taxes), though, it's of little use to most enthusiasts; PCMark 10 Advanced Edition, licensed for home use, will launch on June 22nd for $29.99 (around £23 excluding taxes) alongside the free PCMark 10 Basic Edition which is limited to only the main test suite and excludes the side-by-side result comparison and in-depth hardware monitoring graphs of its higher-priced stablemates.

More information on PCMark 10 is available from the official website.
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