TechPowerUp launches GPU-Z 2.0.0

May 23, 2017 | 11:44

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TechPowerUp has announced the launch of GPU-Z 2.0.0, which it describes as a 'major update' to its popular graphics card diagnostic tool, featuring an Advanced tab offering a greater depth of information than previous releases.

A popular tool for overclockers and those trying to track down instability or other graphical issues, GPU-Z is designed to do for a system's graphics cards what the otherwise unrelated CPU-Z does for the processor: pull as much information as possible from the hardware and software and show it to the user in as simple a manner as possible.

GPU-Z 2.0.0, TechPowerUp has announced, goes a step further now: A new Advanced tab in the application offers information on the VGA BIOS, CUDA and OpenCL general-purpose graphics processing unit (GPGPU) compute environments, and the DirectX and Vulkan application programming interfaces (APIs). The update also includes new support for EVGA's iCX sensor family, first announced back in February as a means of pulling more monitoring data out of the company's flagship graphics cards.

The new release also includes fixes for a few bugs, including faulty DirectX detection on older AMD Radeon graphics cards and BIOS saving from Nvidia GeForce cards on a 32-bit Windows installation, along with support for Nvidia's Tesla P100, Tesla M10, Quadro P500, AMD's HD 8350G, and Intel's Graphics 615 graphics processors.

GPU-Z 2.0.0 is available to download from the official website now, free for personal use.
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