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June 22, 2010 | 07:40

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The fourth version of Apple's newly-christened iOS operating system for the iPhone has officially launched, and while the major features of iOS 4 - including the long-awaited kinda-sorta 'multitasking' - are certainly present and correct, the update is receiving mixed reviews thus far.

First some good news: the official release of iOS 4 brings with it a whole host of upgrades and tweaks which make using your iPhone a more pleasant experience. According to MacRumours Apple has confirmed that the latest release fixes over sixty security issues with the previous iOS platform - including some pretty serious remote code execution vulnerabilities, the ability for unauthorised applications to access location information via the photo library, and several flaws in the passcode locking system that could make it easier for an attacker to get into your private documents if they have physical access to the handset.

Now some bad: because iOS 4 requires certain amounts of memory in order to run, these nice new security fixes will only be available for the iPhone 3G and 3GS - users of older iPhone models are left high and dry, knowing that these security holes are out there - and, now, public knowledge - but not being able to do anything about them. Apple's latest and greatest gadget - the iPad - is still running iOS 3.2, and will do so until later this year - leaving it open to the same vulnerabilities that have been fixed in iOS 4.

So, back to the good news: Redmond Pie confirms that an unofficial release of the PwnageTool is still able to jailbreak iOS 4, so if you upgrade - or if you get a new handset which comes with iOS 4 pre-installed - you'll still be able to run third-party applications.

And back to the bad news: iTWorld reports that users who have taken the plunge and upgraded are experiencing issues running backups, while Boy Genius Report claims that users are complaining of blurry, down-sampled photos since the upgrade.

Will you be upgrading to iOS 4, or does it sound like you'll want to wait until iOS 4.1? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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