We've learned the latest incarnation of popular synthetic benchmark, 3DMark is due for release in September, with an official announcement due very soon.

While 3DMark is still popular with overclockers, hardware enthusiasts and attention seekers, the series has arguably suffered from diminishing returns.

Rumoured to be called 3DMark 11, this new version will concentrate on DirectX11 only and will have both undersea and space benchmarks, but we know little more than that at this time. MadShrimps reports that MSI has signed a marketing deal with Futuremark to be featured in the software, replacing Sapphire, who were featured in Vantage.

We've been told Futuremark will have a webpage launching soon with further details.

Are you eagerly awaiting the next 3DMark for a whirl on your new PC? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.

Updated: Click here to see the first pictures and video of 3DMark 11 in action.
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