UK Government in talks with social networks

Written by Joe Martin

August 26, 2011 | 15:48

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The Home Secretary has announced, via the BBC, that the government is currently having ‘constructive’ talks with representatives from Facebook, Twitter, and Blackberry.

'The discussions looked at how law enforcement and the networks can build on the existing relationships and co-operation to prevent the networks being used for criminal behaviour,' said a spokesperson for the Home Secretary.

The Government is not seeking additional control over social networking sites however, insisted Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

'We are not going to become like Iran or China,' Nick Clegg told the BBC .'We are not going to suddenly start cutting people off'

Social networking, such as Blackberry Messenger are thought to have been used by looters in the recent riots to co-ordinate movements and incitement violence.

Social network sites seem to have reacted well to the talks.

'We welcome the fact that this was a dialogue about working together to keep people safe rather than about imposing new restrictions on internet services, said a Facebook spokesperson.

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