Windows 8 to copy iPhone OS?

Written by Paul Goodhead

June 29, 2010 | 11:46

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Cnet has been stumbled across a number of leaked PowerPoint slides that apparently show the direction Microsoft is taking with its next operating system.

Top of the list of their priorities seems to be an Apple style app store with Microsoft purportedly allowing individual system vendors to brand or skin the store in their own way. While an app store may be a pretty blatant imitation of its fruity competitors it could provide an extra long term revenue for system builders as the store is described as being "revenue neutral" for Microsoft.

A slew other features are mentioned in the slides, with a lot of screen time being dedicated to talking about boot speeds and hibernation modes. Microsoft seems to be aiming at getting that instant-on feeling that makes using an iPhone or iPad feel so immediate and responsive, into Windows 8.

The slides also hint that there will be strong support for 3D technology, which should please those 3D evangelists out there (i.e. Nvidia). Another technology mentioned on the slides is an ambient light feature that would see monitors adjust their brightness and various other settings depending on the lighting conditions present. We can only imagine that this is likely to require a web cam or other sensor to make it work, and possibly a compatible display, but it could be a valuable technology for laptops.

We'd take all these rumors with a pinch or two of salt but the language and terms used in the slides seem to hint that they could be genuine.

Do any of these rumors sound like killer features? Do you like the sound of a Windows app store? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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