Fixstars announces first 13TB 2.5" SSD

January 14, 2016 | 14:33

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A Japanese storage specialist has blown the SSD market open with the first 13TB 2.5" drive, but if you're expecting affordability you're going to be sorely disappointed.

While SSD capacities have been increasing at a rapid pace, traditional spinning-rust drives still rule the roost when it comes to mass storage. Western Digital and Seagate have both launched 10TB 3.5" drives, but Japanese storage company Fixstars is looking to put them in their place with a 2.5"-form-factor solid-state drive boasting a whopping 13TB of storage.

Described, entirely fairly, as the world's highest-density storage, the drive's performance may disappoint: although the capacity is impressive, the Toshiba NAND flash used within the device offers a fairly mainstream 540MB/s sequential read and 520MB/s sequential write throughput - far less than rival high-capacity solid-state drives which use alternative routes into the system than the 6Gb/s SATA bus.

The company is positioning the drive at high-speed caching, streaming content storage, special effects production, 8K video processing, and 'various other use cases in which steady sequential access is critical.' For those on a slightly tighter budget, a 10TB variant is also available.

Sadly, while the company is planning to begin shipping the drives in late February it has yet to announce pricing with interested parties invited to request a quote - but if the US selling price comes out at much below $1 per gigabyte, it'd be a late Christmas miracle.
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