SanDisk unveils 200GB micro-SD card

March 2, 2015 | 11:49

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Storage specialist SanDisk has announced what it claims is the world's highest-capacity micro-SD card, storing a whopping 200GB using a new technology to increase the density of the modules in use.

Micro-SD cards, the size of a fingernail, are extremely popular in portable devices for their high capacity, relatively high speed and compact footprint. Previously, the highest capacity models available, including several from SanDisk, topped out at 128GB; the latest from SanDisk, unveiled at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona this week, increases this to 200GB - sadly missing out on the doubling that would usually be expected of a new storage product launch.

'We continue to push technology boundaries to deliver record-breaking solutions that transform the way consumers use their mobile devices,' crowed Dinesh Bahal, vice president of product marketing at SanDisk, during the unveiling. 'By focusing on achieving new capacity and speed milestones, we are able to deliver trusted mobile memory solutions that give consumers the freedom to never stop capturing, saving, or sharing - with the benefit of fast speeds to transfer it all quickly.'

Those fast transfer speeds, SanDisk explains, are equivalent to 90MB/s read and write as measured during the transfer of 4.1GB of photos with an average file size of 3.5MB from a host computer using a USB 3.0-compatible card reader. How that will equate to performance when installed in a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device will, naturally, differ from model to model.

SanDisk is being coy about how exactly it has achieved the capacity boost in this latest model, explaining only that it has further refined the 'proprietary technology' it developed last year for its 128GB model combined with a new design and production process which squeezes additional bits into each flash die.

The SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Premium Edition 200GB, to give the card its full title, is due to launch in the second quarter of this year with a 10-year warranty. UK pricing has yet to be confirmed, with SanDisk setting an eyebrow-raising US recommended retail price of $399.99 (around £260 excluding taxes.)
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