Synology launches DiskStation Manager 6.1

February 23, 2017 | 11:35

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Network attached storage specialist Synology has announced the launch of DiskStation Manager 6.1, the latest version of its in-house Linux distribution, which widens support for the Btrfs file system, adds Active Directory controller capabilities, and builds in shared folder encryption.

Supported on all Synology DiskStation, RackStation, FlashStation, and Embedded DataStation network attached storage (NAS) boxes from the 11-series onwards - marked by the presence of an 11 or higher as the last two digits of the model designation, as in the DS411+ or the RS3411xs - the new DiskStation Manager release includes a number of improvements, including bringing wider support for the Btrfs (B-Tree File System) file system format and its built-in error correction, snapshotting, and compression functionality.

In addition to Btrfs support on more devices, the new DiskStation Manager is said to include the ability to designate a compatible NAS as an Active Directory controller, as well as adding optional encryption to shared folders with keys stored on physical USB drives which must be inserted before the folders can be mounted. The new build also includes integration with Seagate's IronWolf Health Management system for enterprise use.

'The release of DSM 6.1 is another major leap on the advanced NAS operating system in terms of security and productivity,' crowed Vic Hsu, Synology chief executive, at the launch. 'The newly introduced features help Synology NAS serve as your office's all-in-one server and become a central piece of your IT strategy.'

DiskStation Manager 6.1 also brings new and updated applications, including a universal search feature, an updated USB Copy utility, support for encrypted shared folders in the Snapshot Replicator, an updated Hyper Backup with improved data deduplication and integrity checking, improved clustering via Synology High Availability, a beta of the Virtual DSM Manager, and an upgrade to Server Message Blocks (SMB) 4.4 for sparse file support.

DiskStation Manager 6.1 is available as a free upgrade to owners of all NASes from the 11 series onwards, though some functionality is restricted to higher-end models. Full details are available from the official website.
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