TeamGroup announces Cardea Ceramic C440 Solid State Drive

Written by Jennifer Allen

June 30, 2020 | 13:00

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TeamGroup has announced its Cardea Ceramic C440 Solid State Drive, promising that it's the first of its kind in the industry to be made with ceramic composite cooling materials.

The Cardea Ceramic C440 Solid State Drive uses the latest M.2 PCIe Gen4x4 interface to ensure it's rather speedy, with TeamGroup reckoning it manages read/write speeds of 5,000/4,400MB/s. Pivotally, besides having an interesting looking snow-white ceramic exterior, the company believes that it achieves a far better heat dissipation effect than any other material.

As mentioned, the Cardea Ceramic C440 Solid State Drive uses aerospace ceramic composite cooling materials which are meant to reduce heat by 18 percent in a case equipped with a fan. It's lightweight and thin too while being all those other positive things like extreme temperature shock resistant, and offering anti-electromagnetic interference. 

Ultimately though, it's the looks that TeamGroup under its gaming brand name, T-Force, is keen to emphasise. It suggests that it'd be lovely paired up with a white motherboard and case if you so wish, presumably just begging you to name it 'Snow White' on the network.

To be fair, it does look rather attractive in its product images and its looks aren't just about style either if TeamGroup's statement about heat reduction are accurate in real world tests. It could certainly be useful in an overclocked system where every tiny temperature boost counts. 

As expected from a hard drive of this kind, the Cardea Ceramic C440 Solid State Drive uses 3D NAND to offer up to 2TB of storage. Both the 1TB and 2TB options provide read/write speeds up to 5,000/4,400MB/s which TeamGroup is keen to stress works out at 1.65 times faster than the M.2 PCIe Gen3x4 SSD. Expect IOPS performance of 750K/750K Read/Write regardless of which size you go with. As always, these are optimal scenarios for speed. 

The SSD comes with a 5 year warranty and its MTBF is 1,700,000 hours which isn't too shabby at all. There's no word yet on a price. 

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