Watch all 9 years of The Daily Show, free.

October 19, 2007 | 14:51

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Do you like very popular satire comedy of The Daily Show, with Jon Stewart? Or at you simply bored at work this Friday morning? Well The Daily Show dot com is now offering the entire nine years worth of back catalogue, for free, to watch on its website.

OK, so it's clips only rather than the complete 25 minute show and you've probably been watching illegal rips on YouTube anyway, however this is legal and those who suffer from harsh internet policies at work where YouTube is blocked - this could easily kill a few hours today.

Don't shoot the messenger because it's still "in Beta" - I know some of you find that just an excuse for half assed websites where they downplay it breaking by stating "we're still testing it". Thankfully everything seems to work really very well and scanning the back catalogue is exceptionally easy.

Because it's news you can get away with it easier - I just told Tim I was "researching this story" this morning and suddenly it's 10am! And remember, Friday is virtually the weekend anyway - no one expects any work to be done on a Friday, so it's all good!

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