Transformers: Mobile phone in disguise

Written by Phil Cogar

September 6, 2007 | 21:57

Tags: #mobile-phone #transformers

Companies: #mod #motorola

This, my friends, has to be one of the coolest mobile phones that I've ever seen in my life. Some ingenious modder out there has made a cell phone that transforms into, well, a Transformer.

Unfortunately this is not a working mobile and seems to have been done with a display model instead, but you have to admit that it's still pretty freaking awesome. I can't read any Japanese but if you feel up for giving us a translation, you can check out the original story over on PhoneDaily.

Instead, I'll let the pictures speak for me below.

How awesome is this? If you can give us a translation so we can give credit where credit is due, head on over and discuss it in the forums or in the comment section below.

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