Monaco: What's Yours is Mine Review

Written by Mat Jones

May 16, 2013 | 16:39

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The music while this is happening is intense. The entire soundtrack is played on solo piano, in a sort of seedy saloon/ragtime influenced style. Think silent film accompaniment, but instead of pictures of someone strapped to a train track they’re robbing a bank. The speed reflects the severity of the surrounding trouble you’re in, getting more frantic when things start going wrong, but even fading away entirely in some cases when you’re being particularly stealthy. It’s wonderfully effective.

Monaco: What's Yours is Mine Review Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine Review
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The game is two different experiences in the same level if you’re playing single-player or co-op (with up to 4 players). You’ve less chance for mayhem alone, but you’ve also got no back-up from people with more apt skill-sets.

Each of the eight playable characters has its own special ability that aids the team as a whole. However, we do have an issue with the balance of some of the characters. Each has their own strength that they bring to the mission. For instance, The Cleaner is able to knock out guards with chloroform (but only if they aren’t suspicious and searching out a member of your team), The Lookout confers knowledge of guards onto every player’s map, while the Pickpocket has a trained monkey who will pick up nearby valuables without being spotted, saving you the trouble of finding another way through.

Add in the Lockpick, The Mole, The Hacker, The Gentlemen and The Redhead, and there is plenty of variety. But, many can feel a little redundant, with their unique roles either unnecessary or not useful enough to make them worth picking. Choosing the likes of the Lockpick (all the characters can pick locks - he's just quicker than everyone else) feels like you're choosing to play with a handycap rather than simply trying a different approach.

Monaco: What's Yours is Mine Review Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine Review
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Overall, Monaco: What's Yours is Mine is a great game as it manages to find a near perfect balance between single player and co-op gaming, with each having its own unique charm too. It’s a little peculiar that occasional failure can actually make for a more fun experience - potentially going against the grain for purists - but equally that's what keeps the game from being too frustrating.

We're hoping there’ll be some additional content on the horizon that adds more characters or increases the effectiveness of those that are lacking. But even without this Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine still provides some of the best co-op fun you can have.
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