Is It Time To Headshot Resident Evil?

Written by Jake Tucker

August 21, 2015 | 11:49

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Is It Time To Headshot Resident Evil?

Resident Evil 4 Was The Last Good One (Except Revelations 2, shhh)

Capcom have forgotten how to make a good Resident Evil game. Resi 4 was a last hurrah for the series, somehow managing to blur over the shoulder blasting with a sense that you were still out of your depth.

Leon Kennedy was a man on the edge, trying to rescue the president’s daughter from her travels on Europe while contending with homicidal villagers infected with a bold new disease. It was a twist on the Resident Evil formula without being a complete break from tradition. They even used the new formula to inject tension with a truly memorable siege section featuring the most terrifying enemy I’ve ever seen: Mr Chainsaw Bag-Face.

That’s probably not his real name.

Then Resident Evil 5 came out and it was largely a co-op action game. Walking muscle-mountain Chris Redfield was dispatched to Africa to shoot the.. homicidal villagers infected with the… same disease. Somehow despite taking exactly the same steps as Resident Evil 4 they’d made a game somehow worse. They even took Mr Chainsaw Bag-Face and just dropped him into the game.

Resident Evil 6 was actually a good attempt to swerve back towards the main canon in terms of story (more on that in just a second) but it became immediately clear upon playing that it was the worst of the numbered entries that made up the main series.

Of course, the less said about Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City the better.

Is It Time To Headshot Resident Evil?

Resident Evil 6 Is a Great Ending

Resident Evil 6 was actually a great touchstone to end the series with. It brings all the surviving characters in the series back together and ties off many of the stories in a reasonable way. The gameplay

There’s also the part where the president of the United States gets turned into a mutant and you have to kill him. That’s probably as good a time to call time on the main series while you still have a little bit of dignity.
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