i34 event coverage

Written by Harry Butler

August 10, 2008 | 11:14

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i34 event coverage Got Mods?

With KustomPCs, Aqua-PCs, XSPC and 2000 gamers in attendance, we expected some pretty unique and impressive mods, and were certainly not disappointed. The above case was a fully customized Akasa Omega (which seem to be becoming pretty popular as a blank canvas case for modders - review coming soon!), with a gorgeous flecked orange exterior, laser cut custom window and a powder coated orange and black interior.

i34 event coverage Got Mods? i34 event coverage Got Mods?
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This mod from Konrad Newton saw a standard ATX case clad in laminate flooring, giving the case a completely unique appearance. A really clever and innovative use of building materials has been combined with some thought to accessibility, with a slide up front access panel. This is really what modding is all about, making the ordinary extraordinary - Nice One!

i34 event coverage Got Mods? i34 event coverage Got Mods?
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These two watercooling setups represent the real extremes of the watercooling spectrum. The first comes from Phillip Nunn, who's squeezed a full watercooling setup, including 3/4" tubing into his SFF shuttle. The second machine comes from MadCat, with a fully watercooled SLI Skulltrail setup in an enormous Mountain Mods case - very beefy, although we don't much fancy having to live with all those fans in our machine!

A final note must be made about how well organised the entire event seems to be. The network has been working perfectly all weekend long, Multiplay are continually working to cool down the main hall (summer heat plus 2,000 PCs and gamers = HOT!) and the degree of extra entertainment and things to do far surpasses any previous i-Series, so kudos to Multiplay.

We're certainly having a blast here at i34, thoroughly enjoying a weekend long orgy of caffeine and Pringle fuelled gaming goodness. We'll be here until Sunday evening so why not stop by seat Q-12 - we still have some freebies left for bit-tech readers, or discuss the event in our forums!
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